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 Welcome ~ My name is Mikal, and I am the space holder of PachaMor

It is my joy and passion to be sharing the deep work of tending to our terrain.

Pacha derived from the indigenous peoples of the Andes that translates to World, Universe, and Earth.

Mor translated from my Swedish lineage meaning Mother.

PachaMor has been cultivated over the years of study, reflection, self work, and healing.

Interweaving my own path of experiences and those I have listened to or been surrounded by.

A journey that is continuous, I am honored to provide tools for others to find harmony.





and touch

I will be offering my learned and re-membered wisdom and skills to assist in bringing our connection back to living in alignment with our natural rhythms and cycles.

We are a reflection of nature and nature is a reflection of us.

I have been in the realm of studying our well-being for nearly 15 years. 

My journey began as a competitive athlete at Michigan State University in 2008.  After an injury sent me to months of rehab and a mind that was too busied by the studies offered at University, I decided to step away and dig a bit for what truly calls my heart.  I spent miles and months on my bicycle pedaling across the United States and Canada, and that is where the ripple of listening to my passions began.  I attended a personal training school in Michigan in 2010, and then moved to Crested Butte, Colorado in 2012 to pursue Massage Therapy at MountainHeart School of Bodywork. Attending MountainHeart expanded my understanding of not only our biological and physiological body but also the energetics of our body and mind.  There is interconnectedness with EVERYTHING.

The woven tapestry of our existence.

Since then I have been on the continual path of self discovery and healing.

For years I was on the go, whether it was on foot, on my bike, or in my vehicle. These miles and hours were where I have pulled my greatest reflections.  I also met many people and elements, which has also contributed to my greatest growths and forgiveness's.

And, in January of 2022, I became a Mother. This transition has hands down been my most difficult and most liberating experience.  There are the body changes and healing, the emotional and hormonal roller coaster, the letting go of old self, the grief and loneliness and joys and love, the relearning our body, the adapting to new rhythms and flow, and on and on.  Motherhood has cracked me open in the most wonderful and most vulnerable way.  To truly listen to my body, the needs of the child, and the wisdom offered in my surroundings and beyond.  There is a mystical and awe-inspiring piece to tuning into the glory of being a portal to grow life and birth life, and then to observe the innocent, pure wonder of a child.

I have had the honor of studying and working among many woman and men I respect in the field of body consciousness and earth stewarding. I have done focused trainings in perinatal and postpartum massage, neuromuscular therapy, somatic mindbody therapy, sports adaptations, sound healing, qi gong with Harty Kelley (@horse__cloud), nourishing our feminine body, Cyclical Sacred Seasons & Traditional Chinese Medicine for the womb with Nancy Lucina (@nancylucina) & Kristin Hauser (@kristinhauser), and Guardians of Birth with Aya Maria (@seedtobody).  I am currently in a physiological postpartum study with Rachelle Garcia ~ Innate Traditions (@innatetraditions).

It is my pleasure to be able to bring awareness to our woven paths. The communication is loud when we understand what we are hearing.

In love, in kindness, in grace ~ be well.

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