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Massage Therapy

A little dive into each service

60 minute $95  /  90 minute $135

5 session 60 minute package $400

5 session 90 minute package $600

Neuromuscular Therapy

NMT works with the nervous system and muscular system to help with communication of the body.

The nervous system coordinates action and sensory information.

The muscular system permits movement, provides structure, and aides in blood circulation.


NMT is mainly used to correct fascia binding, circulation, nerve compression, postural problems and repetitive movement injuries.


NMT involves the application of firm, sustained, and controlled pressure over restrictive, taut bands of muscle to release tension and facilitate blood flow and movement.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage

This one is for you momma.


As you nurture and provide space for your little one(s) to thrive, I am here to help support you to thrive.


Through tailored techniques for pregnancy and postpartum, the body and mind will have some time to rest and restore.


I use side lying positions, pregnancy specific support pillows for the options to lay face down, and supported semi-reclined face up option.


Come relax in my sanctuary or I can bring the sanctuary to you.

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Other Modalities

Swedish Flow : Firm yet gentle, fluid strokes and techniques to promote blood circulation, muscle recovery, and full body restoration.  

Deep Tissue : Therapeutic pressure is used to help relieve fascia restriction, muscle & joint mobility, and body recovery.

Sports Restore : The combination of different strokes, pressure, and stretching to help reboot the body to keep getting after it. This is for the active individual, the busy parent, the training individual, or for pre- and post- event recovery.

Relax & Renew : This is a meditative massage for you to come and be.  The use of gentle or firm pressure and relaxing techniques aides your body into full renewal.

Infant & Youth : Their rapidly growing bodies and minds need an opportunity to soothe and restore.  It also helps bring awareness to their body.  I can work on them individually or teach take home techniques.

Integrative Add-Ons

Herbal Salves : Handcrafted by myself, I infuse different oils with herbs and florals sourced from the wild, the garden, and herbalists shops. Base ingredients used: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, tallow, and beeswax.  All products are organic and ethically sourced.

Cupping : A great option for deep stagnation or binding in the body.  This can be muscular/structural or emotional.  I attach cups to the body, and by using a suction tool, the skin and fascia are pulled upwards, drawing blood to the surface to allow better blood flow through the area.

Hot & Cold Stone : A wonderful way to soothe the body and improve circulation.  Hot stone effectively relaxes and increases blood flow.  Cold Stone effectively reduces swelling and inflammation.  They can be used in conjunction or separately.  I use beautiful marble and jade stones to promote calm, harmony, and grounding.

Reflexology : Working different body zones in the feet, hands, and head to help encourage the bodies own healing process.  Similarly to acupressure and acupuncture, certain points correspond with areas of the body, and these points can stimulate the energy pathways and restore function.

Sound Healing : Our bodies are made up of water and water conducts sound, and the body is an amazing resonator for sound.  These vibratory sounds travel through the body to help remove energetic blockages, therefore relieving stasis and pain and increasing the flow of Qi. Ideally, we are always in tune and in harmony, however, stressors can cause different parts of our being to lose their coherent frequency. By offering coherent frequency, the body can attune itself in a noninvasive way. Using Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks, beautiful frequencies radiate to improve cellular structure of mind, body, and spirit.

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