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BodyMind Therapy

A little dive into each service


Somatic Connection

Somatic is of or relating to the body.

Within these sessions we work through the connection of experiences in relation to how they are held within the body and mind.

How we perceive both positive and negative experiences weave our life together.

This is not only through the physical act of living, but also through our senses.

What we do, see, hear, smell, and taste, has direct impact on our life being functions.

Through different expressions, we will work together to re-weave what is needed for your most optimal self.

These sessions can be in person or online.

Chakra & Qi Balancing

We are energetic beings.

Our body is made up of the chemical reaction of one atom influencing the chemical response of another.

Creating work-force-life-energy.

Our physical make up is a ripple effect into our existence.

This energy that is created within us must be able to move throughout our bodies.

If not, dis-ease will occur.

Our energetic field can impact our mind, organ function, blood circulation, emotions/reactions, our surroundings, cravings, addictions, physical output, recovery, fertility, and more.

Meridians and Chakras are energy channels that can be accessed to help facilitate overall well-being.

Through breath, sound, movement, and touch, we will work to address body vitality and harmony.

Bouquet of Peonies

Womb Cycle Connection

Your body is a temple of wisdom.

Your womb and blood are the grounding source to living an authentic and embodied life.

Learning the sacred and physiological sciences of the depths and rhythms of your womb can help create a life that honors the seasons of womanhood.

We are cyclical beings as is nature around us.

Within these cycles, not only monthly but our life cycles too, are elements, direction, archetypes, organs, hormonal fluctuations, and more.

There is deep connection within it all.

Learning to love and connect with your mind, body, and blood is an opportunity to embrace what makes you uniquely and beautifully female on this planet.

There is peace awaiting in connecting to your womb

Fertility Mapping

A journey of reconnecting.

Our fertile soils are not only important to those seeking to conceive, but it is essential for a thriving life.

Your soils, all that which makes up your humanness, plays a vital role in optimizing body and mind function.

For both male and female, this process of mapping the pathways of your life can help bring awareness to different interconnections of body and mind.

For woman, we will take a dive into learning how to track and interpret your cycles and also how to integrate into day to day living.

For men, we will look into how nature influences cyclical living within you and how lifestyle shifts can promote vitality.

Juniper Plant


This is not just for the expectant mother and family.

I can meet you at any stage of life.

Ritual is a practice you devote to that which brings connection to an intention.

Ceremony is a practice that recognizes or celebrates a collective devotion.

Birthwork is devotion.

And birthwork is more than showing up for mother and family.

Birthwork is tending, healing, and letting go of what is passed on through our lineage that no longer serves us, our family vision, our community, and our world.

Through this work, I guide the individual, the mother, and the family through sacred transitions and growths.

This can be in preparation for conception, during pregnancy, for labor and birth, for postpartum, 


any life changes and shifts, from home, work, school, addiction, relationships, habits, deaths, etc.

Birthwork embodies rebirth. 

The recognition of the growths and transitions that happen through our phases of life can be honored and appreciated by bringing connection back to a space within the body that expresses reverence for the flow of life.

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